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anopolis-sfakia01Anopolis or Anopoli is a village in the south-west of the Greek island of Crete, 600 meters above sea level on a plain to the White Mountains. It is twelve kilometers from the coastal town of Chora Sfakion and belongs to the municipality of Sfakia.

The village of Anopolis had many inhabitants at one time but now the population is only about 800. Their main occupation is agriculture and goats and sheep are raised on the plateau and the nearby mountains. Anopolis is a very old place evident from traces of remains from the ancient Greek eras that have been found.


anopolis sfakia010Anopolis was in Roman and Venetian times larger and more prosperous.
The place had a harbor on the spot where now the village of Loutro is where the trading ships layers that were sent to various ports around the Mediterranean.
The remote location in the mountains made ​​the town center was a revolutionary against foreign domination of Crete and Greece.
The rebellion led to Anopolis was destroyed by the Venetians in 1365 and in 1771 and 1867 by the Turks. In Anopolis is the church of Agios Georgios. Here cried Daskalogiannis in March 1770 a revolt against the Turks out, lifting. By a flag on the tower


Anopolis and Crete have everything for your holidays

Activities during your holiday are hiking and biking and swimming in an authentic pristine environment with all the features of the wild beauty of Sfakia.

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